Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 9 29 10 5

I removed the network without a single success decide on what path to follow


I spent 4 years only to understand network fur, now graduated a year, with the personal website of the hard site into death, their own harvest, now think of only a few old server. Nothing about myself.

why 90% of the owners have technology but can not make money

I started surfing the Internet in 1999 and started to do the home page. Here is 10 years. But there is not much money, now is 30 thousand. Should say they lose so much time and energy, is a.

today, I was expelled from school. Where am I going to be

webmaster nets in this holiday I know a lot of people in the webmaster nets, this is my only happy harvest. Thank you, brothers, thank you 81idc boss, thank you, I will not forget you.

a small station without the technology of 7 years of experience

first published article, in Admin5 webmaster net primary school graduation, typos more errors, please. Born in 70s, not because of their parents, no one tube, resulting in primary school after graduation do not want to go to school. 99 years begin to contact the computer, or when playing the game, red alert, Rome, then to the middle, and slowly learned QQ chat, QQ friends, contact the game, play the nine chat, chat etc..

personal webmaster do not dream and youth gambling on the site

I began to have gradually to the webmaster this year I have greatly discerning and apprehending, after years in the Internet marketer, when back to think about themselves, feel particularly want to say some truth to those beginners make friends, hope you can from my experience, how much inspired, perhaps I do not speak well, you don’t agree, but I really look at a don’t throw a brick.

I say a few words to the producer

in the evening and the customer had a little contradiction. The reason for my one-sided view, first, the customer is not clear about their requirements, before making a failure to speak clearly, after the completion of the request to add something. Second, customers do not understand the program itself, some requirements are unreasonable.

web site, do some valuable things, don’t play too much


site of the vane, seems to have been watching what the industry invested, sold much like a swarm of bees. Whether it is video, or blog, or the latest SNS. Are others, do. Finally, there are several successful


individual owners do not want to bet on the income of the advertising alliance

    yesterday wrote a "personal webmaster do not have the youth and ideal stakes to the Internet", thanks to the ADMIN5 editor and webmaster Friends > Top recommended

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