Taobao guest novice how to play bridge

often in Taobao guest group, will see this kind of similar sun single screenshot, the Commission is very high, generally divided into 80%. Here is a small series of their own screenshots.


but when you go to Amoy backstage to search, but can not find such a product, this is Ali mother this year focus on the promotion of the products of the magpie bridge.

in the background of Ali mother called Taobao guest activities".


selects the activities in the promotion to generate a connection. Like other guest generation connection, need to choose the corresponding promotion channels.



is connected to a sale, can also choose short links.

open this connection, you will find all the goods in a page.


how to get a single link inside it?

when we promote, it is impossible to send this page directly to others, so that customers in the election. So how to get a single product promotion link?

select the product you want to promote, right click on the picture, copy the connection, the name of the different browser display may be different, they can see.


copy of the connection is the product of Taobao customer link. Open this connection in the browser, get PID,

How to get the

channel PID


in accordance with the above steps get connected, open in the browser, you can view the mm_00_00_000 format, is the bridge channel PID. PID access to other channels the same way to get the PID to save, do not have to get every time.



How does

know whether the goods have a bridge plan

?In front of the

step obviously can not meet our needs to promote, we see a product, how to know whether it is the opening of the bridge, how to get links? This manual is no way to do it, must use a plugin or software.

Amoy home has also developed such a software,

but this software also has shortcomings, is to wait for too long, here to introduce a browser plug-in, do not need to wait, can be used directly.

First look at the effect of

. In Liuhe >

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