330 thousand yuan knot beat the 2 letter domain name ws cn micro business has been built

renamed China (eName.cn) December 9th news, it is reported that the price of 338 thousand yuan to the node to shoot the 2 letter domain ws.cn station now in January of this year to keep the domain name CNNIC landing phase.


2 letter domain name ws.cn has many well-known terminals in China, such as the Tencent’s "micro", 360, Jinshan, Baidu has the "Guardian" security products. In January was photographed, there are a lot of speculation or terminal shots. Now, this domain has enabled website, micro business platform operators "porcelain muscle micro business, the micro shop platform can provide 15 kinds of about 35 million SKUs goods categories including: beauty and personal care, clothing, digital products and so on 3C.

micro shop was placed second Taobao expectations, there are already many micro shop sites, such as micro grid (okwei.com), micro shop (vdian.com).

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