Online travel giant fell two where Ctrip report suspected fraud


two online travel giants open warfare! Yesterday, where the network to each big media system "Hotel consumer dissatisfaction, Ctrip angrily turned" evil city "" the news, two words with copious and fluent two pictures to publicly accused Ctrip "monopoly" behavior, the Ctrip responded that yesterday afternoon this is to give, the user can better understand the contents and rules.

The online travel market, behind the recent

events were four, all the princes are behind the infighting, Ctrip a dominant position gradually lost.

text / reporter Wang Fei, Xue Song, Dong Dong cable


0 yuan to buy change to buy lottery 0 yuan

things began with Ctrip event. In June 9th, Ctrip launched a series of activities of 0 yuan, while the official big promotion, Hainan blue butterfly (net) broke the news on micro-blog, "0 yuan group purchase Hilton sea view room, 493 group purchase success, while Ctrip immediately revise the offline free room rate 1 chance 0 yuan group purchase of Hilton. A room 3000 yuan, the 493 people need at least $1 million 400 thousand. Leading online travel how to do ".

The reporter saw in the micro-blog

, the original picture shows the original price of 3880 yuan, 0 yuan Seaview group purchase ", another is still the same group purchase project, but has been changed to 0 yuan group purchase lottery", shows that there are 1973 people to buy.


, where travel search on micro-blog vice president Dai Zheng to several Ctrip staff "gauntlet", would like to argue with ctrip.

in the two giants vied when another online travel industry giant, eLong CEO Cui Guangfu is intriguing to release micro-blog said, "enterprises should strive to bad becomes good, the operational level error can hardly be avoided, but the company level should have to play." The voice over is accused Ctrip did not dare to play, causing the "Oolong" situation.

main reason: Agency interests game upgrade

it is understood that Ctrip is representative of large ticket agent, and where the network is small ticket, hotel agent platform, behind both confrontation, the essence is large and small and medium-sized travel agents travel agents competition.

at the beginning of this year, where the network for Ctrip ticket prices consistent theory "criticism that" a lot of ticket agents will be part of the Commission return to consumers, low ticket prices, and Ctrip because of high human cost pressures, rarely benefit consumers ticket commission."

Ctrip low price advantage is no longer

Ctrip had promised domestic hotel prices will be lower than the hotel front desk or other online travel platform price, otherwise the payment of 3 times the cash difference. But at present many hotel group purchase raging like a storm on the occasion, the group purchase price is far below.

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