How to seize the share of their own on the nternet on the battlefield

Internet never lack flourishes myth, so more and more people began to set foot on the road of Internet entrepreneurs. We are full of passion, we are eager for a fight, we look forward to the future of ~~~

has experienced several months or even years of hard work, we can finally click to enter the site, the middle hard believe that every webmaster has a copy of their book! Station is, how can the operation? How to make money? How to develop? This is the website operator attention. Profit in some way below what I know to do a simple introduction, hope to have some inspiration and help to you.

1: online advertising

online advertising is a more common way of website profit, its many forms, from Banner (banner), LOGO (icon) advertising, to Flash multimedia animation, online video and other diverse.

two: online retail (B2C mode)

talked about online retail that your first impression will think of Amazon, the Amazon is should be said to be the world’s largest online retail store sales last year of $more than 6 billion 900 million tall. There are a lot of domestic B2C retail sites, such as Dangdang, excellent network, and the major sites also have their own online mall…….

three: part of the information charges or membership fee

if you often surf the Internet, you will often encounter some of the site’s information must be registered users to read, and some even have to charge users, which is the site of special information service types.

four: software download

software download can be said to be part of the online retail, but its sales of products for the software, you can download online, without the logistics of the transport process…….

five: SMS ringtones and other mobile service

in recent years, the rise of the Internet SMS ringtones, not only brings more thoughtful services and more wonderful ringtones MMS for mobile phone users, but also provides a very good popularity to profit profit model for each big website, once the ringtone revenue in the three major domestic portal about 40% of total revenue that shows its importance.


above is common on the Internet website business model, advertising model is a profit-making mode can be both profitable way, to increase website traffic to the website, enough advertising factors will inevitably become an indispensable, elegant code advertising alliance ( was born in driving this trend next, as a new advertising alliance, has the following advantages:

first: do not need to do any structural adjustment on the original site, remove the hard work of our large number of code, just need to register as a member of the code, to join our platform to generate a string of code. Does not affect the original page effect.


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