Key words short term promotion and long term marketing


keyword short-term promotion is mainly applied to the news and some accidental spread of information and promotion is the main carrier of information advisory platform, such as CCTV Fire and 09 year train tickets, XXX attacks and so on! And long-term marketing model for hot and lasting value in a certain period of time keywords the keywords is the main carrier of e-commerce platform products, brands, including some industry representatives have the nature of vocabulary, such as: the auto market, real estate, online stores, Benz store and so on; because of the cycle length, the value of different degree of lasting characteristics determine the key short-term promotion and traditional long-term the marketing mode of different


after the author summarized as follows:

short-term promotion is the key method (fast, accurate, Qi)

1, quick collection of direct information (news can best embody: time is money, efficiency is life).

2, the theme is clear and simple (since it is a natural thing to let ordinary users to see to understand).

3, the full collection of relevant information as an extension of the content (mining information outside the news).

4, for the consultation can add their own comments (in addition to the original copy of the search engine is not like, but also let the reader feel tired of reading).

long-term marketing is the key to achieve (continuous improvement, long-term adherence)

1, popular keywords (popular vocabulary is also the most accepted by the Internet users, the most popular search engine).

2, long-term tracking and improve the expression and optimization of key words (the more intense competition, more details of the success or failure of the decision, effective improvement and adherence is particularly important).

3, insist on good keywords exchange (effective exchange can increase the external click while also can increase the weight of words).

4, the use of a variety of marketing models and marketing channels (the word is dead, people are living, more than one way, all roads lead to Rome).

5, pay attention to the accumulation of brand vocabulary (words changed frequently is popular keywords, taboo accumulation is the priority among priorities).


Links is the 2 key words focus on the promotion of external links! Good can let your information can spread quickly, can also make your keywords in the search engine ranked a good ranking


are difficult to grasp in the process of operation! But the general approach is the same! Observe, it always will be harvested. MP4 mobile phone online small movie download

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