What is the most important thing need to do now

      people who have been working for a long time should know that there will be a point around the age of 28. Maybe you will choose your own business, you might choose a relatively good condition, will also work for a long time, or to a very quiet place, there are a lot of their time to do other things unrelated to the work!

      for me personally, I am between the first and the third. Want to start their own business ideas, looking for a part-time subsidy for living expenses!

      I have been in the IT industry for nearly seven years, while doing a lot of work, from network management to design the hardware and software of network supervisor, can be said to have contact with, he also operated a few sites, but mostly because of funding problems disappeared, finally regret once 01 years to do when the program is in the forum, I, at that time is in Jiangxi is relatively early in the forum, earlier than NCDIY.COM, when he was asked to exchange links with me, I refused, not because I despise him, but because I was set up at home with their own computer servers. At that time, it is clear that this can not do so long, so refused. Hey! If you know this stuff or venture I have some fixed income will not be the case, I even do advertising do not know why, is entirely because of interest! It’s a pity to think about it now, I’m sorry, those friends in the forum, said here SORRY!

      forget the past, we all have to look back to the future! I have been in an e-commerce company design director, time for a long time did not feel what meaning, is still so little salary every month, spend money to buy, buy several domain name space is left the province, but also to eat ah! If the company does not develop, I can do a lifetime design? Can I ever take these thousands of dollars? With this idea, I quit my job and started my career.

      business is always difficult, occasionally find a few jobs, to tell the truth, do good for design job, but I do not want others to see forever regardme as art. Once in a company to do a few days, feeling no development, then resign. The boss said: "you are not doing art?" Angry! When I thought Lao Tzu website you don’t know in what place? SAY GOOD BEY fought, once again in a local famous company for half a month, the boss put you as thieves, FTP doesn’t allow you to use a FLASH to do, go to the server. The boss said: "you sent me to pass me". SHIT, it’s a waste of time. What do you mean by this kind of work?

      restless heart, these days

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