Please give me a bit of advice for this old rookie

is currently looking for a job, really confused, in the IT industry experienced brothers and sisters to give me some suggestions.

about the situation, female, 302000 years from a little famous engineering colleges in Shenzhen, then a famous but a Taiwanese company reputation is not very good in the ERP two development, the ERP system is relatively old, but they still used very smoothly, operating system: UNIX. Database: Informix, 4GL. At the same time, an internal Web system can also be used as a query, some understanding of the JSP, but did not get to the bottom. Work there for one year, then a small software company (now is a failure, at least from the first Taiwanese company sudden), the development of ERP software for small and medium enterprises using C++ Builder and SQl Server there was still very hard, from the trial period was almost until at last the person in charge of a team, do more than a year, think the company itself is not what the development potential, and then has been to the college entrance examination results are not satisfactory and I decided to quit working hard grind, took the exam a few months. After the 2003 went to a well-known treatment also had to do a Korea Companies inside but no matter what the work do odd jobs in the range of IT’s name, a study for the students during the school admission. August September resignation, excitedly went to the school report, professional direction for data mining.

was planning to go here and there is no big problem. Graduate during my marriage, when her husband to go abroad, and plans to stay abroad for more than a few years, even if the marriage is a commitment to each other. Then I went to graduate school, husband of a European country bo. In a foreign country, the day is very lonely, so a few months later my husband insisted that I graduated with him in the past, and then look for opportunities to apply for a school or something. During the master I do, but somehow mixed up two English International Conference articles, one is in the field of the top, the other one is EI search. Unfortunately, the boss is biased in favor of the project, the article is good, but the application of the experience of the project is basically no accumulation, in addition to their own part-time made a number of websites and the like.

then graduated to a family identity abroad (shame shame), ready to pass and then apply for a language school, but unexpectedly, my middle Andy was born, so the focus of life to a baby. Consumption to the baby more than half a year old, I think this is really not the way, just her husband in the country there is a suitable location, and then return home.

is currently cramming before things, while looking for a job. Looking for work focus on ERP, of course, the other also tried to cast. But more than a month later, I find the interview is really poor. I want to say really is not high ah, I even test class ordinary work has cast a resume, but a small company or the bottom of the work is not so much as a phone call, some good company on my resume interrupted all feel very strange.

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