Everyone in the film turned TV website or back in February 6th

news that everyone will return to the movie on Friday to open a new station

[TechWeb] reported on February 3rd news, micro-blog users broke the news that everyone in the film will be on February 6th at 12 noon reopened, the new site "all American" has been on the line. According to the website, everyone is now owned by the United States and many of the Shanghai Network Technology Co., ltd.. And now everyone is about to be engaged in the North American film and television.

alleged that the official website has released all the countdown, and equipped with the upcoming silkworm change, please look forward to, the words, countdown to the end of February 6th at 12 noon. After the test, all television website still open, but all American (http://s.rrmj.tv/) can, and display the words, is still not sure "everyone in the film" and "all American" two.

the station displays the content: "very sorry to inform you that everyone film subtitles group website officially closed, thanks to the selfless dedication of the subtitle group members, thank you for years of support, goodbye!".

it is understood that everyone in the film and television in October 2014 by the American Film Association named criticism, known as China’s major piracy sites. Everyone in the film called due to copyright pressure at the end of November, the website will completely remove all copyright free download link resource. November 20, 2014 officially announced the closure of all television stations.

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