Talk about my six months of advertising alliance

      last year the beginning of the end of November website (entertainment station), December 15th IP reached 100 million after the start of advertising alliance. I do is the major league, basically received the money, and now talk about the experience of doing these alliances, hoping to make money to do a certain help to the new station.

Google adsense:

      this is my first to do and have been doing the alliance now. Google application is very easy, the phone to confirm what is not difficult, just find some articles to see to know.

      December to do a half a month, to about $170, since this is the first time to do the first station, money, a month all the cost of your site back, very happy.

      in January when doing 300 knives or so, when the 500-700 hits a day, income of around 10 knives.

      beginning in February, the sudden drop in price, although the site has been on the rise, but the money received every day has been reduced, the lowest when a genius 5, 6 knives, while the click of a total of more than 1 thousand. I am very confused, why is this. In the webmaster forum learned that there are a lot of garbage station through the Google Advertising to make a difference, then I rushed to see my ads on the site, the most was what some free movies like (because I never considered cheating, before almost never see advertising content), quickly enter the address in the browser, it is found that some ringtones click on the station, so although very high (free film, film of high passion hits) but low income. So I find a list of previous forums from the low cost of advertising list, a one-time increase in screening list, the price has increased, but not high. And then almost every day I will see more several pages appear on the website is what advertising, see suspicious in the address bar URL to see what site, if ringtones, movies, friends, Firefox, or DHC on his website also released Google Adsense all shield. I have a list of shielding more than and 100 addresses, although each Google optimization proposals are "you may filter out on your site of high yield of advertising." For this reason, I also put the screen in the list of the site to enter the URL to see it again, but I really can not see what seems to be a high price, so it first regardless of him. February is the lowest income month, a total of only 200.

      the first 20 days of March the situation is not good, around March 20th, I adjusted the size and location of an ad, so I put a 468*80 under the contents of the right side of a 160*600. Adjusted >

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