Shanghai Univer after graduation to become the choice of many people

is another wave of graduation tide, this year, more and more college students choose to start. It is reported that this year there are 177 thousand college graduates in Shanghai, the total pressure and structural contradictions still exist, the employment situation is still grim entrepreneurship. Shanghai National Bureau of Investigation Corps released today, "the city college graduates employment survey report shows that nearly 30% of respondents intend to Graduate Entrepreneurship, but only 2.4% of respondents intend to Graduate Entrepreneurship right after graduation.

higher entrepreneurial intentionThe survey shows:

the school type, 37.6% college or vocational college students have their own businesses to higher than the average of 9 percentage points; focus on university students because of the employers favor, entrepreneurial opportunity cost will be higher, entrepreneurial awareness is relatively weak, 24.4%.

sub degree, 35.6% of college students have their own businesses to higher than the average of 7 percentage points; the second is for graduate students, occupation planning and development of the road to look for more mature, 31.4% undergraduates; low was 24.7%, lower than the average value of 3.9 percentage points. Sub gender perspective, 34.5% of the boys intend to start their own business, higher than the girls by 11.2 percentage points.

divided the students to watch, from Jiangsu and Zhejiang area students, have a more intense influence home business atmosphere, there are 34.2% plans to start a business, higher than the average of 5.6 percentage points; Shanghai students, North Canton deep students were 23.5%, 23.3%.

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