Women start to enter the era of entrepreneurship development

from a space to the venture fund, all kinds of entrepreneurial resources has gradually started with female color, exclusive of female entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial policies have emerged, make the whole society to see the importance of female off the record.

in "popular background of entrepreneurial innovation peoples", accompanied by the world’s "her times" craze, 2015, China women entrepreneurs show has not appeared in nearly 10 years the rapid rise of the potential.

"investment project in recent years women accounted for almost all of the 10% projects, and they are very successful."   January 24th, Zhejiang Huarui performed the first Yangtze River Delta female entrepreneurial projects President Zhang Xuwei held in Hangzhou awards said.

women more independent, have the courage to show yourself, more and more women play an important role in their industry, realize their dreams with their own efforts,

"women have a unique entrepreneurial advantage, sedate and steadfast endurance more delicate." Zhejiang venture capital CEO Hua Yeyu said the appreciation of female entrepreneurs, women tend to use soft power into the integration of all resources, insight is very strong, the enterprise is able to do small and beautiful, the survival rate is very high.

female consumption, has been the subject of consumption.

1994 was born in the year of the Du Lijia is the founder of the music APP music does not work, products to penetrate from the 90 market demand, the project can help ordinary people compose, in the college market very influential, has received 20 million Angel round of investment. At the same time, dedicated to serving the B end of the market, maternal and child store where the mother became the site to get the position of Hua Rui is willing to invest.

female multi-creation space came into being.


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