Ezhou municipal government to support local enterprises two venture

enterprise two venture refers to a mature enterprise after entering the development bottleneck, in order to find a new breakthrough in the development of a series of changes within the enterprise. The increasingly fierce market competition, so that more and more enterprises to start the two business plan.

10 26, party secretary Li Bing, mayor Ye Xianlin led the relevant departments responsible person has to Chengchao iron ore pellet plant of Ezhou and on-site office, coordinate and solve the localization problem become the development of enterprises registered independent legal person after the full support of two enterprises create brilliant achievements.

in pellet plant of Chengchao Iron Mine and listen to the situation report, Li Bing pointed out that the adjustment of the relationship between the system, is conducive to enterprise’s business, to become a real market players, improve economic efficiency, is conducive to the strengthening of Ezhou city and pellet plant, Chengchao Iron Mine work, and further intensify efforts to support the two enterprises in Ezhou city. Help employees improve the welfare of the people of Ezhou, is conducive to enhancing the understanding and support of enterprise production. Municipal departments should enthusiastically support enterprises to adjust the system, registered independent legal person. The pelletizing plant, as municipal key enterprises in Chengchao iron mine to be supported, to help enterprises to deal with the economic downturn through. To enterprises are thinking, anxious enterprises, active service, improve work efficiency, to help enterprises solve problems. To do everything possible to reduce the cost of restructuring, in promoting the development of enterprises to assume more responsibility to support the transformation and development of enterprises.

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