Fitness industry to promote the development of fitness bag with lock

is like travel, fitness once time, people will take necessary items, and travel time, these things can also be placed in the car, but when outdoor fitness, you have to back in the body, which makes many people like outdoor fitness in pain, is in such demand under the locking gym bag came out formally.

last century mid 80s, Mike · Platt; every time I come to Salt Lake City health club at the start of training before, he had tried hard to put a huge fitness Bossey into a small locker. He graduated from high school and was working as a car salesman. Finally one day, he couldn’t stand, Platt from the cupboard and pulled his gym bag, drove home, went straight to his table, to realize his design.

This is not the first invention of

from the first meet their needs of starting, and then create a truly suitable products, and then to sell more demand, this is the pride of the entrepreneurial experience, and achieved great success, his successful experience, no doubt to the countless entrepreneurs to bring a more far-reaching significance.

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