How to join the good cafeteria

if you have the idea of opening a restaurant, then open a cafeteria, and now people are looking for the kind of personalized consumption, and the cafeteria is able to meet the needs of the public in this regard. Good buffet products more types, is also very consistent with the public taste. Want to join the good buffet you need to join the process of understanding, so, what is the process of joining the good buffet? Might as well take a look at it!

how to join the good cafeteria? See the following details:

good buffet join process:

, the intention of customers to the good buffet of product, brand and other comprehensive investigation;

two, the intention of customers to submit application form to join the headquarters origus buffet;

three, origus buffet business department qualification;

four, to confirm the application of cooperation, signed the "contract" to join origus buffet;

five, China Merchants Department approved origus buffet location;

six, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance;

seven, origus buffet marketing distribution and prior to the opening of the preparatory work of the guidance of


eight, the headquarters of the origus buffet for investors and products, business staff training;

nine, good buffet restaurants open;

ten, good buffet restaurants formal operations, headquarters to provide follow-up support services.

joined origus buffet will have a professional team to store instruction. Origus buffet joining the team for the franchisee to join the site free to teach skills, evaluate and guide the shop where the business district, help partners to find a suitable shop. At the same time origus buffet headquarters will have professional personnel training, skill training and management training, the risk partners open self-service restaurants to a minimum, let collaborators shop more easily.

is more than to the good buffet procedure is introduced, when investors through the audit and will join the headquarters, headquarters signed a contract to join. Whether it is in front of the shop, or shop, origus headquarters will give a comprehensive business support!

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