Dalian Neusoft nformation nstitute was named as one of the typical universities

although the state is very supportive of entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities, but also provides a variety of preferential support policies, however, due to the different style of study, the major colleges and universities entrepreneurship will be different. Recently, the Ministry of Education released the 2016 national innovation and entrepreneurship typical list of colleges and universities, Dalian Neusoft Information Institute was successfully selected in, the national innovation and Entrepreneurship of the typical experience of the University of 2016".

The selection of

according to the "notice" the office of the Ministry of education on the National University Innovation and entrepreneurship summary propaganda work required by the national higher education student information and career guidance center on the basis of "national innovation and entrepreneurship college propaganda work summary plan" for all colleges and universities across the country to organize.

of Dalian Neusoft Information Institute was selected to the 50 national innovation and Entrepreneurship of the typical college experience, thanks to its since its establishment in 2000, closely around the university orientation of application technology, combined with the industrial and social development needs of talent cultivation mode, the concept of CDIO engineering education and the characteristics of TOPCARES-CDIO talents based on the continuous accumulation of exploration, formation of innovation and entrepreneurship the educational model has a characteristic of Neusoft, and strive to cultivate students’ innovative thinking, entrepreneurial sense, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation ability.

school students entrepreneurship center was founded in 2002, to build a business practice base for students, and on this basis, the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2015 for all students to provide a full range of innovation and entrepreneurship education universal and project practice guidance service.

of course, Dalian Neusoft Information Institute has such a recognition, not just in 2015, it set up a related college. According to Mycos survey data show that the ratio of 2013, 2014 business school graduates leave school after half a year to 4.9%.

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