The nternet and small loans constitute rural entrepreneurship double carriage


venture cannot do without money, in the management of activities like a raging fire, from the government to the private sector, the venture capital channels gradually spread to rural areas. A number of small loans to help agricultural businesses, rural entrepreneurs to solve business problems timely assistance.

"twenty thousand yuan Xu Bin is to give the banks’ loan financial products in Sichuan Wangnong ‘first loan." The Taobao group Alibaba Sichuan Chongqing region relevant responsible person said.

11 29 afternoon, Yang Jia Po Cun garden town rural Taobao partner Jiang Lin informed of information, the initiative to come to understand the production and operation of Xu Bin and introduced the "commercial bank loans to the wangnong". In Jiang Lin’s help, Xu Bin made the application in "Wangnong -" mobile phone client. The next afternoon, the network personal information provided by the Bank of the Xu Bin review. Through the audit, twenty thousand yuan loan to Xu Bin Alipay account.

It is reported that in July 31st this year,

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