Sell Steamed Buns 90 million a month is very easy

school 90 students began his entrepreneurial career, did not start selling a big project, but Steamed Buns, a lot of people think that she is rich with put fine timber to petty use, returns to prove to people can also sell Steamed Buns million a month.

"development too fast is not a good thing." This is Song Zhuqing himself and his partners to evaluate the cause. Because the attendant management, health certificate is not complete, there is no scientific operation process and management standardization began restricting their development. The masses of the kitchen ‘assured steamed bread gives us a chance."

8 at the end of last year, after contact with the Baqiao branch grain, food department after investigation, "laughed" Steamed Buns Fang was incorporated into the planning project to create Steamed Buns assured. With the support of government departments, from the store decoration, door design, operation planning, fermentation room temperature to set up contact flour supply manufacturers and Steamed Buns dealers, establish scientific and perfect the operation process and the food safety management system, every detail has the guidance and advice. Just a few months, Song Zhuqing their production reached 100 square meters, the sales volume of steamed bread square turned up to two times, the quality has leapt to a new level.

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