We have to eat dumplings like German Boiled dumplings

small I love a traditional delicacy that is the love of the dumplings, visible, especially now dumplings especially delicious, will make people think of dreams. I heard like German Boiled dumplings dumplings are focused on more than ten years, how look below introduction knew.

Chinese dumplings as traditional delicacy, historical source, as early as the Western Han Dynasty with holy compilation of "book of Rites" is recorded: "rice two, meat, he thought the bait, the fried." The connotation of traditional inheritance China delicacy like German because of the choice of Boiled dumplings is elegant, fine, the price close to the people, the people become pure taste China recognized is the leading brand Boiled dumplings package.

likes German in the name of "joy" from the festival, Chinese used to eat dumplings in the festivals or celebrations; "home" means to the customer to create a family atmosphere, every family who loves are like German customers; "de" meaning b-tohin first, emphasizing the moral and the enterprise responsibility, named as the "Hi de hi de", always adhere to the "Boiled dumplings package is delicious delicious" concept, to provide assured for the customer, do Chinese now pack leader Boiled dumplings.

focus on quality only to provide a delicious

in the selection of raw materials, like the German Boiled dumplings use only the best production China Hetao wheat wheat core powder, after acid cold fresh pork brand and no pollution of deep-sea shrimp and vegetables is the most essential part, thus making dumplings tender taste delicious, nutritious and delicious. Sophisticated production like German Boiled dumplings is not only reflected in the requirements of the food, like German stores in the location of the city to establish a central kitchen, from the source to control all aspects of the procurement of raw materials, sorting, processing, the formation of intensive, standardized production model. Each process has a clear technological process and processing rigorous standards, to ensure the quality and safety standards, unified filling water. Each link of hi de stuffing, water processing in the central kitchen until the whole process of delivery to the store, stuffing transport must use transfer, ensure the transit process filling full landing, effectively avoided in the operation process of the operation with fine particles at the bottom of the box floor, scientific and rigorous procedures to ensure the health and safety of fillings and other ingredients.

hi de believe that only the fine products to meet the core needs of customers collocation, so hi German only sells five kinds of stuffing Boiled dumplings, not only in the choice of materials on the nutrition of fresh dumplings, the shape is also like the German original show ingenuity, "one word" Boiled dumplings, the responsible person explained, "happy home the reason for using a font de Boiled dumplings, because the shape of customers can not bite, bite, leaving half, can clearly see the inside of the dumpling stuffing, really old, see, eat assured."

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