The paper easy market investment

investment, nothing to focus on several aspects, the first is how much money, then there is no market, whether it can eventually return to profitability, and now it has a square of paper investment, many advantages, is the best choice for business, for the specific content, and make analysis we look at the following.

1, the production: the round wall vase for example, every day 4, every price in the market for 30-50 yuan, the output value of 120 yuan to 140 yuan per month, paper 20-25 yuan, a total of 80-100, the cost of 0.2× (80-100) that is 16 yuan to 20 yuan.

2, from Hongkong and Macao three casual bar operating example, its net income of 30000 yuan / month. Of course, both the level of consumption is higher than the mainland, and so on, monthly income of 8000-10000 yuan. It meets the modern people in the fast-paced, high pressure to relax themselves, to achieve self. Your hands and brains in the entertainment at the same time to complete the work. A sense of achievement arise spontaneously.

Analysis of

paper cirque marketing: processing and production: in the face of the gift shop, craft shops, florists, handicrafts wholesale markets and supermarkets gifts crafts shop. Buffet (paper): can meet the "new-new generation" and entertainment (California, sent high income white-collar and other groups in).

a such a big market good investment projects, investment funds is very small, but the profit is amazing at the moment, such opportunities are appearing in front of you, if you let your business, you will choose this can bring tremendous wealth to your project?

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