Tianjin stubborn bones let you chew bones can chew the mood to

you must have had when big bones, you must bite ribs, but like so exotic bones, you must not bite, this bone is the stubborn head of Tianjin. Want to know to follow the small series continue to look down.

they said: "we understand your dilemma, we all know to your heart, great vision we understand you far away, because we like flowing blood, because we have the same dream".

this is a bite ribs can let you chew out the dream, gnawing the feelings of the restaurant. This is an even cut pier master Houchu ambitious restaurant. More than that, they’re still a team.

"opened only three months, is Tianjin TV interview 2 times, the depth of cooperation with Uber, to" stubborn bones "discount code, every day the" stand "150+; every single 100+ was forced to refuse, others refused to join 200+, Tianjin cuisine ranking rose to fourth place.

"stubborn head" is located in Nankai District Wande Street No. 117, the Chinese fast food brand was founded in 2015, is a style of Tianjin city’s flagship "chop rice" feelings of literary shop. The sign "pork rice" only 16 yuan, including Steamed Rice, diamondback, old duck soup and a chop, by the surrounding residents and office workers welcome. In addition, "stubborn bones" also has a strong takeaway business, from the food quality to send package embodies full of literary feelings.

has such a feeling of the restaurant, now open new stores to raise the public landing in Tianjin.

If you use the apple

mobile phone, wear Nike sneakers, listening to all kinds of business seminars, know micro-blog public attention to numerous, the pattern of BAT well, Zhang Xiaolong primary afflictions of the familiar, the notebook only MacBook, eat check with ApplePay, love Luo Yonghao more than Jobs, talking to people about the Internet thinking. But crowded subway every day.

: if you are at the beginning of the month end of the month to eat pickles to eat abalone fish moon commuters. The mountains edge of heaven and did not dare to eat, dreams and delicacy smell to the affectionate chowhound. Every day eager to help you to achieve the 3 aspirations of the "aspiring" youth. We are too lazy to walk to dream downstairs to buy food for college students. At the workplace years in the workplace Men’s feelings are changeable. bearish. A little money do not know how to spend the rich.

then you come to the store to raise the public, stubborn head, is tailored to people like you.

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