Baiyun District into the most active areas of Guangzhou entrepreneurial innovation

has in every modern city some area is very suitable for entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial activity is relatively hot area in Guangzhou, a large city in this innovative venture, Baiyun District is a relatively active regional entrepreneurial activities.

7 31 July, Guangzhou City Cosmetics Industry Innovation Park in the green Huichuang international was founded,   the creative park will use "Internet plus" thinking fusion Baiyun District the pillar industry, bring new economic growth point for the development of Baiyun district. The establishment of Guangzhou cosmetics industry creative park, will introduce more enterprises settled in the international development of green sinks.

it is reported that the next five years, China’s cosmetics sales continued to show growth, to 2017 will reach about 266 billion 800 million yuan scale, 2013-2017 compound annual growth rate of 10.3%. Insiders said that the establishment of the cosmetics industry innovation park in Guangzhou City, bring more opportunities for innovation and development of the cosmetics industry, more Baiyun District Industrial Development, inject new vitality, to promote the city image and regional value significance.

as Baiyun District – MTR property only, green Huichuang international is located in Baiyun District Private Science and Technology Park core Park, North ABP headquarters base, Greenland group gathered only garden style business park, hotel style apartments, apartments, single family office, a quasi office and other formats in one, the building density is only 20%, greening rate of 50%, both office and residential comfort are very high. At present the project on 48 square meters of residential and commercial loft apartment, 4.5 meters tall, extra storage room price low investment threshold is low, Baiyun District is only in the sale of apartments loft is currently on the market a rare business investment products.


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