For the performance of the busy 80 college students set foot on the road of entrepreneurship

not everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams, but the opportunity to grasp. Handsome guy "Super Girls" Li Yuchun’s classmate, pretty girl in Chengdu is a company’s white-collar workers, they are happy together, fight together in the future. The position of their youth struggle did not choose the bustling metropolis, but rooted in rural areas, they put the stage of performing arts dream in the rural areas of Luxian County.

29 year old Li Fei graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory Of Music School of music and popular music performances, performing arts hobby since childhood, he married the girl graduated from Sichuan College of Education in Chengdu for his wife Chen smile. In order to support the work of Li Fei, Chen Chen still resigned from the white-collar work in Chengdu, with Li Fei back home in Sichuan, Luxian County, began a career in the arts.

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