2015 Hangzhou cloud habitat conference Shanghai’s most concerned about the nternet business

2015 cloud habitat conference in Hangzhou has come to an end, but its impact on China’s Internet industry is far-reaching. According to a report released by the cloud habitat conference shows that the most concerned about the Internet entrepreneurial innovation in the top three cities were Shanghai, Zhejiang and Beijing.

the data source in today’s headlines 310 million users reading behavior statistics, covering the period October 2014 to September 2015. Today’s headlines for China’s largest number of users of one of the information client, the data reflect the heat of China’s Internet venture, while providing a reference for entrepreneurs.

data show that Internet and entrepreneurship related topic attention rising, in the year 5, the highest peak in June, two months were about 6 million amount of reading to the Internet business related topics, and remain high after.

display data at the same time, the Internet, attention to entrepreneurship and innovation people also focus on cloud computing, then pay more attention to the investment, finance, banking, real estate, fund, big data and other topics.

authoritative research institutions IDC data show that in 2014 aliyun ranked first in the share China public cloud market, the market share of 29.7%.

in the Yunxi conference, IDC executive vice president of Jeffery  Yao also said that in the development speed, China public cloud market rate has reached 2 times the United states. IDC recently launched a Market  Scape report, which is the only one on the market to focus on China’s public cloud reports and guidelines, Ali cloud is ranked first in China Cloud Service providers.

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