February 2017

Only the scholar network can save students

The new

Chinese has been established for 60 years, oppression and exploitation of the phenomenon still exists, are becoming more and more serious. It is worthy of our students, this is a very sad situation, teacher apprentice is a revered occupation, but in the modern, but so many people ruined Tanliwangyi activities, students cheated, squeezed the example in the name of division title, meet the eye everywhere, for famous brand, the students never, after his money into the pockets of greed, but get a ridiculous promise, cry bitterly, but no one can help, it is perhaps the most students choose. read more

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What are the outstanding nternet startups from Shanghai

talk about China’s Internet giant, Beijing has Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Shenzhen Tencent, Guangzhou NetEase, Alibaba, Hangzhou…… Shanghai? Oh, a little thought of a big potato…… In the know about a "Shanghai what good Internet startups?" the answer, users generally believe that the economic strength of Beijing and Shanghai the Internet companies to be roughly the same, in terms of quantity and strength are less than Beijing some. Nevertheless, from the first wave of Internet China until now, Shanghai has a number of outstanding Internet enterprise, although some "decline", and even some fell, but has had an influence on a large number of Internet users, produced a number of Internet talent, or is the first subdivision industry…… These ten years of Internet enterprise "change" also can make people sigh, "the concept of history today", we know many stakeholders according to the answer to do a summary, so that this Shanghai Internet record prices of enterprises of more clearly presented in front of us: read more

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O2O is not only a new mode of production line trading is the kingly way

first introduced basic concepts of universal Baidu universal to everyone: O2O, O2O Online To Offline is offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. O2O there is no doubt that everyone is a hot bar, it is a new model, so that many sellers or businesses to see a broader business opportunities. read more

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Rookie network average daily processing package has reached 57 million

Sina Technology News January 24th evening news, Alibaba announced as of last December’s quarterly earnings. Reported that its big data platform rookie network order processing capacity continues to improve, the average daily processing package has reached 57 million. During the last 11 years, rookie help businesses and logistics partners to deal with the 657 million parcels.

as a big data platform, rookie network shows the growth of geometric series. The rookie alliance intelligent warehouse distribution network as an example, the day the next day can provide services in more than 1000 counties. During the last 11 years, more than five shipments within the next 100 million days, becoming China’s largest open warehouse distribution network. read more

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Internet thinking is the hot topic they are, what the Internet finance, Internet TV, Internet refrigerator and so on, so can a "Internet basket"? The Internet heavyweights have agreed that 2014 is the first year of transformation of traditional industries, these industries or passive or active on the internet. Agriculture is one of the most traditional industries for thousands of years has not changed, and how to embrace the Internet?

Zhu Cheng, Liu Tao and pan apple is a leader in 2013 in agriculture, but also will shorten the distance between the Internet and agriculture by a large margin. In addition to these celebrities around the project, there are also a large number of new agricultural projects, running chicken, pig run, green fruits and vegetables and so on, which accounted for the vast majority of small and medium-sized new agricultural projects has become a hot topic in the internet. The new farmers are actively explore new agricultural business road. Let the natural state through the LocalHarvest case to analyze how many small farms, to create small and beautiful agricultural electricity supplier. read more

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original title: the United States twelve questions: the analysis of the 30 countries of the United States Secret

"combination of battle category how to fight?" "traditional retailers how to do business?" "the manager will not mess tube Maori?" "how to make each subdivision unit to produce their own creativity and innovation?" the clerk will become the future development of the retail industry barriers?"……

July 9th, Beijing, summer, Eagle three Kokusai Hotel conference room while the open air, the temperature seems to be higher than the road. On the transformation of torture, carried out for more than 5 hours. One side of the challenge, the "Chinese entrepreneurs" magazine led by the "business Mulan", the future star, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. Share the experience and accept the challenge of the other side, is the wife of Wong Kwong Yu, President and President of Gome and other executives, Mr. Wang Junzhou. read more

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Double 120 & ten grassroots nouveau riche electric business website performance report


The rapid development of the Internet is

, influence and penetrate all aspects of people’s lives, e-commerce is gradually changing people’s shopping habits, double 11, double 12 Online Shopping Festival, constantly create and refresh a record of online shopping.

the nouveau riche and grassroots business have joined the feudal lords vying for the throne, online shopping feast. This year’s double 11, Ali achieved sales of up to 57 billion 100 million of the impressive results. Such a huge sales, accompanied by the explosive growth of the site traffic. In this case, the stability of the electricity supplier website, access speed and other performance directly affect people’s shopping experience, and ultimately affect the purchase order transactions. read more

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Regulation of online shopping violence without delay

the news headline "women’s online shopping to the assessment threatened: do not change the mobile phone number of customers", it seems that this title is very attractive, since 16 am now released to the media reprint has reached 55, while Baidu news in the electricity business sector to give its headlines.

said the news mentioned in the shop had been given Taobao customer service deducted 12 points penalty, specific penalties including giving shop shielding, restricted release goods, restricts the creation of shops, limit, limit the station sent a letter to community function and public warning for 7 days, 30 days limit to participate in Tmall marketing activities and twenty thousand yuan to pay liquidated damages. read more

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For 919 network network 800 thousand cans of beer after throwing strokes

Internet and electricity supplier industry is not the lack of festival activities, but music as such as the full set of ecological, full channel force, even star executives turns into ecological enterprises for 919 fans festival but does not see more. 919 soon, LETV to offer fans heavy surprise: from August 31st to September 19th, LETV founder led a dozen sub Jia Yueting music as ecological executives, for the fans to distribute continuously gift envelopes, preheated 919 fans pushed to the climax of the night. read more

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The electricity supplier must feel confused if you have little advertising

what does it mean to be confused? I used to say the word, but it’s not always clear how to explain it. Today, I specially Baidu. Confused, adjective. 1, broad and can not see the way; 2, describe the life or do not know how to progress, no sense of direction, the road ahead with no reality whatever.

So that is what it is.

believes everyone confused, confused, the hope is that someone can walk out of the warm hand colorful auspicious clouds, and put myself away…… But this is only in fairy tales. Today, talk about how to treat it confused, I am confused in this regard to experience. read more

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