May 2017

Entrepreneurial success is for those who are prepared

we want to do a good thing, we should do enough preparation. For entrepreneurs, preparation is the key. Before we start, we should first enrich their knowledge, followed by a corresponding understanding of the market, the only way to smooth the business.

and provide the user wants to distinguish

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What you have to consider when starting a business

there are so many people who want to start a business in modern life, and if you are one of them, what should you pay attention to?. The early start, the goal of the project, can be said to be a key is so demanding, here we go and have a look.

A, the legitimacy of the project is when the investigation mainly includes:

1, whether the project has business registration, the project side of the business registration is valid;

2, some projects may take people’s license Mongolia, so investors also need to identify the project held by the license is all of my projects, if the project provides information, business license should pay attention to in the name of the enterprise and provide the enterprise name, business scope is consistent, if not consistent, need to explain the project. When signing the contract, it shall sign with the legal person on the business license, and affix the official seal on the business license. For the sake of safety, can be further to the local industry and Commerce authorities. read more

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now, want to be a lot of friends in the field of food and beverage, the increasingly fierce competition, those who are truly successful, naturally have their own methods. About "potatoes and fish", although not what thrilling plot can render, but in the night of nine street, look at the line of men, "Yo Yo brother brother son" noisy, look at the "hero" and "beauty Challenge Cup"…… Behind the hot business, accurate positioning, user perspective, product perfection and so on must be affixed to the label. read more

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How to do jewelry shop decoration design

a grade jewelry stores, decoration style must be very particular about. If you intend to open a jewelry store, then you learn from the decoration skills! So how to do the decoration of the new shop decoration design? Today Xiaobian will bring you together to understand.

in the jewelry industry rivalry means a lot for the first time entrepreneurial friends, jewelry stores interior decoration is very important, now the novice shop will inevitably encounter many obstacles, including the coordination of jewelry stores signs and font size and appearance, appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font the choice basically determines your grades, if you are not the guest to the door of the store that people recognize you, this is certainly a sign of failure. read more

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house in our daily living in 14:442016/12/10 attracted everyone’s attention, because many people have housing needs, and there are a lot of investment into the real estate market, that housing prices continue to rise, the relevant local departments to take a series of measures. After Hebei Langfang multiple counties to implement the purchase of the property market policy, Hebei Zhangjiakou Huailai county also officially launched the purchase of the property market, from the beginning of this month, the non permanent residents of the county has 1 or more housing in the county, temporarily not in the county to buy housing. read more

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joined the business of many entrepreneurs become the preferred investment approach, compared to its own business model, this is a way of entrepreneurship is a shortcut to wealth, also can be said to stand to create their own wealth career on the shoulders of giants. But for those who want to do business in Chongqing small business, to avoid joining the detour, we must consider the following aspects.

1, copy the taste of local characteristics. Layman see food prices are "money chain" model, and join the long-term procurement of raw materials, the secret sauce and so on, let the chain of food prices looks rather "Caiyuanguangjin" means. However, the industry is well aware that the success of the chain of food prices behind the scenery must be unlimited pay. Only a standardized taste, you need to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to support. Moreover, the intention of consumers will find that different places of Chongqing small shops will always make people feel the same as it seems different. The same is the service style, classification and taste characteristics of food products, etc., but not the same is mostly reflected in the subtle local characteristics. read more

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What are the clothing store display skills

consumers tend to shop in the clothing store is expected to display the orderly product, convenient for people to quickly understand the store products, some clothing and chaos of the shop is the most headache. What are the skills of clothing store display? Xiaobian summed up some of the hope that you can help to make a profit.

1, the theme of the display: clothing store for the apparel display set up a theme display method. The subject should be changed frequently to meet the needs of the season or special events. It can make the store to create a unique atmosphere, to attract the attention of customers, and thus play a role in the promotion of goods. read more

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Shenyang to carry out entrepreneurship services into the University

college graduates now have a new graduation choice, that is entrepreneurship. Recently, the city of Shenyang to carry out the theme of the activities to send services to colleges and universities, graduating students will be engaged in the employment of entrepreneurship counseling, guiding the future development of College students.

12 2, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wang Zhengyu, deputy director of the Commission by letter, vice president of Neusoft Motor Holdings Neusoft Riedel education company president Li Yingao and 6 other members of the team at the Shenyang University, Shenyang technician college, Liaoning Korean teachers college 5 college students were preaching the situation, policy interpretation, business counseling and typical introduction, more than 500 teachers and students by the blitz. read more

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Retail customers do business need to keep their word

each person’s life will have a certain motto to abide by, and this motto may follow the people’s life. In short, a person’s life, one is to learn to be a man, the two is to learn to do things. But whether it is a man or work, can not be separated from the basic principles of honesty and trustworthiness. Keep faith is to keep promise, not false fraud. Trustworthiness is an important manifestation of moral sentiments in professional activities, is the code of conduct of each employee should be. read more

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