July 2017

Try to let your site users only fail once

foreword: the author is the webmaster of www.pcdown.cc green download station, some articles published in the early stage of this website development.

pcdown.cc has opened a month, now more and more people to find their own software need, but because our website still belongs to the initial stage of development, so there are quite a lot of temporary software in our download station still cannot find, every day I will go to the analysis of visitor behavior study customers not a visit, to see whether really can give others to bring convenience, at the same time, I also found that there are a lot of customers to visit our website, still can not find the software needed to leave the rogue, whenever I see this situation, I am very sad, so when I found someone can not find the software, I will immediately let the editors to add this software. Because our website has let customers down once, can not let him disappointed again. read more

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New site access to search engine sandbox

if you’ve just signed up for a new domain name, or if you have a big revision of your site, this time your website is likely to go into the sandbox mechanism of search engines. What is a sand box? That is, the overall weight of the site in search engines is lower, and the site will plummet in search engine rankings. Of course, the traffic on your site will also decrease.

when you find your site suddenly drops from the search engine’s traffic, then your site is likely to enter the sandbox. The job you can do at this time is to stick to it. At the same time looking for high quality external links and one-way links is the best. Content should be updated continuously. So that you can get rid of the sandbox as soon as possible. read more

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Website security is a top priority for the webmaster

two days ago, my site was invaded. I found a PHP word trojan in the background directory folder, because normally I of website security is quite concerned. Immediately found the back door file, delete it immediately, fortunately the invasion did not cause any loss but, let me in the website security alarm sounded.


the first to talk about this website program, DEDECMS, as a webmaster believe that everyone is familiar with it, the source of my website HAOQQ.ME is used. This is an open-source program, anyone can download, anyone can use, some evil computer hackers found vulnerabilities in download research. And intrusion in the face of this website. As a webmaster to bad, site safety in mind. Here is my personal experience, talk about how to protect the safety of. read more

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These months really tired persist or give up

08 years, I have joined everyone to do the ranks of the site, but also know what the "grass roots", "garbage station", "CMS."". There is little standing foundation because before, I also think a website is not what to do, the simple point of the template do also do not have what too much difficulty, then started looking for a website with CMS, because previous studies is ASP, after the new cloud recommend the CMS is stable, find a SQL version of the Baidu SQL, because the execution speed must be much faster than ACC. At that time, I feel that the amount of data on the website will certainly be great, and SQL should be better. I think it’s a long-term plan for the website. read more

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Some suggestions for movie website promotion and how to do user experience well

with the development of the times, competition among all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce. Now companies are not only products, technology is more valued by enterprises. He said the construction site, not all enterprises will be the site of the building as an achievement of their own, but the website of this upsurge, allow enterprises to gain more market share, the construction did begin to feel content and real interest to the user.

as a movie site construction, pay attention to the user experience is also very important. Well, how can a movie site build up the user experience? Here are some of the main elements that affect the user experience: read more

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Z Blog theme template modify design experience

confused, depressed for a morning, finally, the Z-Blog theme download first and second of the two successful combination template into a template, although now navigation background color and details of things not perfect. After catching up with an early worker, I am satisfied with the effect. Recently, the blog’s home page and my name were a little bit depressed by Baidu K.

recently started the blog as a reform, but has no time to do, because last year DB data as Z-Blog upgrade when you accidentally deleted, so Baidu drop right, Google dropped PR, I also gradually accepted silently. Although the recent work has been repetitive, the team that has just integrated into the Cyber Marketing Institute, has always had a lot to do, and there are a lot of other places you don’t understand. read more

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Although have nothing to do for five years will insist on it

, I said I was the stationmaster, yes, a webmaster without any. Site for more than five years, all the ups and downs really can only feel. I dedicate this article to the webmaster brothers, as well as those who have been still fighting on the first front.

I say I have nothing. First of all, nothing in technology.

at that time, a friend was engaged in the work we are doing now. I have just started to step forward to college, and my knowledge of the Internet has shifted from QQ to the interest of personal websites. So, with the help of my friend, I got together with another friend to form a literary community. The name of the community was suddenly remembered by a partner while taking a shower. I remember he was wearing only a pair of underwear excitedly ran to my dormitory, I think of the name! "What a village"? We hit it off, so I also like a slogan — happy mood every day, experience the life of another village. To this end, we have been proud for a few days, we all think it is a good name and slogan. In fact, now think, at that time our level is really pretty good. At that time, stay up late every night to modify the template, in order to make the site look more professional, there was a more "grand" goal, that is, to go beyond the banyan". Now look at the site really is our modified but was really too horrible to look at, the passion of thousands of years, on the things you do is feel lofty, when we are so hard for this dream is big, and the popularity of the community is also more and more good. We seem to be able to see the light before the dawn. But at that time, we do not know how to publicize, but also do not know how to operate, the domain name is provided by friends of the two domain name, the space is free of charge provided by friends. In the development of the community in full swing, the friends of the server after another problems, the community is basically finished. I suffered the first defeat of my life. Now, if we can have a complete marketing idea, to buy space and domain name, the community should also develop good? But you never know, maybe even worse, anyway, now placed in front of the face is all I have. read more

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GG why do you hate me

In the last

ADMIN5 wrote an article a webmaster site real experience got a lot of friends here and I especially want to thank the pig goddie/ / Pirate Angel / warm and some unknown ADMIN5 friends give me support and help you make me from the new set up a fight of faith…

June 20 manager let me get the Baidu tray up the rankings… Through the efforts of Baidu. Finally in the second page tray position. Fifth was barely complete the task.. today finally looked at the GG idle down. I climb up the dumbfounded..GG has 16 days did not come to my guest station… < / p> read more

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Eight years of nternet life four years webmaster career

this is my first time to ADMIN5 above the article, actually always wanted to write, but the writing is really too bad, afraid you laugh, see a lot of webmaster experience, hesitation, I still want to write their own site career, today for everyone to contribute, I offer a folly.

contact network has been 8 years, remember that the first contact computer is when 2 students were brought to Internet cafes, Internet cafes at that time where we can only play stand-alone version of the game, cost is also very expensive, I had 16 yuan / net fee is very expensive, but still couldn’t help wondering hungry, also frequented, have abandoned their studies, and later on the garbage in the University, in 2 when a chance to contact the site, when we opened a course of e-commerce professional web design, it will only do pure static pages, now think of that time to do the site you want to have some funny pictures, a few articles plus a few connected since that is a website, just contact this thing I have a strong interest in web design, the Internet is not just MM, the game also quit day Late pondering this thing, at that time I also spent tens of dollars to buy a NetEase space, put a few static pages, see people will be sent to others to see, very proud. read more

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How does the stationmaster make his road go further

webmaster is a passionate and dream role, and it’s also a tough part to follow. In this way, after the achievements, joy, but also lost the direction of confusion. How many webmaster in the confusion, died his dream; how many Adsense has not really appreciate, this role has quit the webmaster stage. How to let oneself break through the confusion, and realize their dreams, is every webmaster in the struggle of the biggest wish, and now with their own situation, and your webmaster friends share their insights. read more

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