August 2017

What can the server log information to optimize the transfer

first, you can clearly understand the love of spiders in Shanghai daily news

website are normal status codes are inextricably linked, for example, visit the web site the status code is 200, which is a normal visit spider is 200, it normally does not matter, generally do not show, but if it is 404, or 403 of the 404 is what to do. Know if the 403 one can not see, so you need to timely treatment, lest the site is down right or loss of weight.

directory settings affect the entire marketing website by the success of spiders, improve the pages included, the server log can know what spider love list? What directory crawling depth? What directory is shallow? Or what directory doesn’t want to crawl and so on, for some important directory page in this adjustment, a more weight transfer. read more

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What is to the principle

in the practical work of search engine, not only use the word step into meaningful words, but also the use of continuous cutting way to extract keywords, and fingerprint calculation. Continuous cutting way to extract keywords, and fingerprint calculation, even cutting is the words backwards way of cutting is a single word backwards way of segmentation, for example, "the love of Shanghai began to fight against the trade links are cut into" love the sea "" of "" start "" first hit "" hit buy "strike" sale "and" sale chain "and" selling links". Then extract some keywords fingerprint calculation from these words, whether in contrast duplicate content. This is just the basic search engine recognition algorithm of duplicated web pages, there are many other algorithms deal with duplicated web pages. read more

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      6, providing information downloads, such as CRBT, movies, MP3, charging information users mainly.

      14, managing smart products, such as Witkey, wikis, consultants, training, charging smart users.

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

      3, the management of spiritual products, such as novels, professional papers, fees to readers.

      7; business communications intercourse platforms, such as B2B, B2C, and C2C, are charged to the seller. read more

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Case analysis three Beijing Shanghai Longfeng area ranking


is for the love of Shanghai, if the site has a certain weight, keyword density point does not matter, love Shanghai for the weight of high standing not easily to intervene. But in our daily operations, the home must maintain good, because update or revision, inadvertently get keyword density is too high or too low, causing the love of Shanghai dropped. The best state is not to leave any traces of optimization. This website content quality is poor. But he used a very good strategy: CMS+BBS+BLOG. read more

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Medical bidding account optimization and marketing strategies to share

two, the optimization of love Shanghai fever:

1. to launch

brand: a brand word must be put in the hospital. (at the same time through the third party platform to promote the hospital brand related words)

: put the object

in patients with gynecological hospital of Yulin More and more people are doing the bidding of medical cause gynecological inflammation cause morbidity of cervical erosion how to get

words: Yulin hospital painless hospital obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Yulin

1, bidding objectives: to improve the conversion rate of the corresponding treatment, increase treatment tasks and complete the corresponding target. Assist the goal: to improve brand effect response through bidding. read more

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Optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon in different stages of the website


If the

30 to 100

website in the optimization process inside the stage is divided into the former three, each stage has different characteristics, so different measures should be taken, so that it can be optimized to maximize the effect.

Inside the

today if a site can enter the top 20, basically is to look at the user’s choice, users also want to see a website search engine will automatically put the URL of the website ranking up, such a stage will not rush to engage in drainage and click. See in the search engine optimization operation when we can, in fact, he is very time consuming, which is why the investment although do not need too much, but need to spend some time, because it requires effective time. read more

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High quality web content requires three standard to

any website, is the authority of the most wanted, but as a famous station is different from large sites so authoritative. This requires us to borrow leveraging the site’s authority and high degree of the content of the website to improve our website weight, such as reference to an authoritative article or Encyclopedia of love Shanghai love Shanghai library to see, or an authoritative classic quotations. This is to improve the content of the website authority does not lose is a good way. Although a bit difficult to do it, but once successful, the development of the site is very effective. read more

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A marketing assistant what exactly do

currently on the market there are many base station software, some of the more popular a knight, and, after I observe the bug and so on, nearly a year, all of the station group software is a derivative acquisition based on locomotive, because the station software is nothing more than 3 steps: acquisition order release. Just one more station group software series and sprocket function, but do station group main is relatively important in the acquisition, stations, and bugs have unique design ideas, such as: the website source collection bug has N, you can directly enter the QQ space acquisition keywords pan articles and blog articles, at the same time you can also write the rules of acquisition designated website article, more importantly, I can and all third party collection tools in common, like the mainstream of locomotive, the collector can be put directly up the bug library released, without any modification. When it comes to bug stations function, it would have to say that the function of super sprocket wheel worm, powerful, everyone should have the impression it last year, the famous elder brother still impressed me, then l used strategy is in fact the sprocket sprocket, in foreign countries has been for a long time, in the last two years will rise China the thing, the elder brother of station group almost no chain, content than the garbage station garbage, all stations are connected in series with the station, the article and the article series, but this garbage station, is to occupy the Baidu home page, thus it can be seen that the importance and power of the sprocket. read more

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After bidding promotion why should we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization

as a web site, web site optimization is not in a hurry to choose, the most important is to understand the positioning of its condition and site, fully understand the difference between PPC and natural ranking optimization, rational choice for their own website.

first, we must understand and spend money to do the promotion of Shanghai dragon two what are the pros and cons. When it comes to do promotion, we must first know how to search engine promotion fee. For example, you are now doing a sales company or individual acne products, you buy in a search engine in an advertisement, now ranked first, then you need to pay much cost to the search engines? That is to say, only once every click your website will consume much advertising? Hypothesis each computer click consume one yuan, two or more, it will be according to the key business value, if the product itself is very huge, so we will be competitive advertising, so that visitors click on the consumption of advertising costs will be high. read more

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How about Shanghai Longfeng prospects t’s not the future development

from Ji’nan.

since last year from the petty contact Ji’nan Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of people say that today Shanghai dragon has no prospects, as early as possible to mix in other industries. Today C on micro-blog to see a lot of people in Shanghai say the prospect about the dragon, so I came to talk about their own views.

so how are we going to cater to the needs of users? First of all, we certainly have to put their website construction, more is to be with the mobile phone website, this step if c here is not detailed said, will bring you a special analysis of how to build to meet the needs of users the web site. Secondly, have a website, we must carry on the drainage, for now the user habits from the PC to the mobile terminal, we can also add to the mobile terminal of Shanghai dragon ranking concern. In addition, if the traffic from search engines less, so this part of the flow must transfer to another place, to be honest, petty that users can never escape from the search, but from love Shanghai search into search on micro-blog search on WeChat and so on, so we can add sites these social media platform exposure. Why should Lou loose blog in micro-blog? Why ghosts seven feet every day in the micro-blog post, also a private letter to fans, and also in WeChat again? These are the use of outstanding Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to the development trend of the Internet now, they change with their website operation strategy the changes of the times. Finally, now the search engine users are mostly young people, young people pursue is both beautiful and practical, if you can only meet the search engine, it can’t satisfy the people’s attention and needs, so whether you at any time, will eventually be eliminated. Do you think there is after you understand Shanghai dragon just studying Shanghai Longfeng? If you really study, you will find that you know in the process of Shanghai dragon, also continue to ask yourself the process, you will find that the things you want to know more and more widely, has been unable to Shanghai dragon in this confined to a small circle, we must remember that it is never too late to learn read more

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