September 2017

returned to New Oriental website, when I click on the sidebar to return to "the first grade junior middle school mathematics" and "grade two of the junior high school mathematics" of the title tag is exactly the same, there is clearly need to do more research on the title keywords; when I click "the first grade junior middle school mathematics" to the list page, whatever I choose the maths training class, the title still remain unchanged, but URL was optimized, the abnormal long list page lack h tags and some introductory text, leading to the results page very low degree of competition, but the similarity is very high, it is easy to be mistaken for repeated page search engine; read more

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Webmaster exchange chain is easy to ignore what the problem

, the excessive pursuit of weight

often exchange in Links, owners are generally show the same keywords in other website, Pang Riquan is made that mistake, when exchanging Links are "construction sites in Shenzhen".

three, exchange chain to

general webmaster is see reuse Webmaster Tools query out, Pang Riquan here want to say is the webmaster tools only display the weights according to the website of certain factors out of an estimate, and the estimation method of every webmaster tools are not the same, there is no uniform standard. Webmaster tools show love Shanghai weight only as a web site keywords ranking is a reference value. The home station webmaster tools show love Shanghai weight algorithm is based on the keywords ranking, flow calculation. The flow is less than 100 weight 1, love Shanghai is expected to flow between 100 and 500, Shanghai is 2 weight of love, love of Shanghai is expected to flow between 500 and 1000 is the weight of 3. read more

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n the face of uncertain love update and optimize our road to Shanghai how to carry out

According to the observation of

, a new web site, if you can get some votes, the same industry website so, the website ranking will be greatly improved. Some time ago, Shanghai has been in love 2 Scindapsus algorithm for test, the chain observed recently released, the role of the chain has been revealed, the chain effect part now do, unlike before, the chain number, is too large for the website ranking and No. Love Shanghai for the chain requirements in continuous improvement, but the effect is on the decline, and Links performance, recently can let the webmaster to see a little joy, because the role of Links recently seems to have effect, but the premise is that the website of the other side should have the right to re. For the chain, the quality improvement is one of the main basis, we released the chain, if effectively the chain of good, so we webmaster, more to write some original articles, and fresh content to improve the quality of our chain. read more

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How to improve the network coding and listening speaking reading and writing ability

network media managers are in such distress problems, how to improve the editing literacy heard? How to edit the final surrender to customer satisfaction in the industry level soft? Why network editor so unequal, writing paper can be comparable to certain media editor, and some people even the basic sentence do not do this? In fact, after all is the network editing threshold is low, work is not complicated, more and more job seekers in the ideal work not found before, the network editor as the first station of their own, the industry level is uneven, so that Ueoblog managers want to improve company website influence level enhance the ability of network editor, is the primary goal. read more

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Keywords selection is base layout is the priority among priorities below

the first two articles "keyword selecting only basis layout is the priority among priorities (on)", "is only the basic keyword selecting layout is the priority among priorities (in) under" mainly introduces the detailed layout of key words, reflects many of the relatively good, today is to share the website pages and keywords friends of the chain how to conduct friendly layout, let more webmaster feel the benefits, the author detailed talk about a good layout of the page, and how to key words in the chain of friends. read more

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Master ice five recruit new website Shanghai dragon speed

positioning must stand on the height of the industry, for example, you are selling the notebook computer, we should stand in the electronics industry as a whole perspective to analyze the mining, because the replacement of electronic products is very fast, the user’s search behavior also so we should have the myriads of changes, always pay attention to the latest development trend of industry. Especially the search habits of emerging computer products and users, a lot of extended positioning of long tail keywords, so as to ensure the long-term industry conducive to an invincible position read more

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Love Shanghai in favor of value and non original

a few days ago I read an article written by Lu Songsong "does not get the original love is love" said sea favored Shanghai favor quality is not original. Of course, I was very much against. If you don’t write original, everyone on the Internet then reproduced in a mess. But today I really understand. Not everyone is original. But ask everybody to write some valuable content. Not all the time to do the original. The original and obtain a love love Shanghai. We must find some valuable content, even can be reproduced, as long as it is helpful to the user. Of course, does not mean you don’t write the original article reproduced everywhere. Whether it is reproduced. read more

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How to do the long tail keywords website

4, the use of

5, using the flow statistics tool. The general site after a period of operation, we can use the traffic statistics system for mining long tail keywords, statistical analysis of our Shanghai dragon and website operation is very helpful, so we have to develop the habit of watching statistics. We can know what the user is through search keywords.

1, the target keywords extension. We can extend through several ways, such as through the target keywords and regional, seasonal, time, gender etc.. Can the product for the extension, take a freckle products, we can see how much money "," what "," effective "," extended really works "similar to these words to words. read more

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How to optimize the website’s core keywords

1, you can select the 2-3 words, of course, this word is 2-3 and your company related products, as the core keywords web page, and then you fall in love with the sea to determine the word search, the search results if there are a large number of PPC, that word is very competitive, do on the home page is also very difficult, even if you are sure to do at home, can not be in the first row, because there is still bidding, users first saw the auction, rather than you, so the effect is not very good, it is recommended that you based on these keywords, search for relevant keywords, also is the long tail keywords, these the word is also very easy to do up, what almost no competition, probability of user search is also great. read more

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Website optimization is the way of win win cooperation

soft release stress win-win cooperation

optimization of the site exchange links is a homely food, almost every webmaster have done such a thing, since it is the exchange, at least involving the exchange between the two sites, this is a win-win cooperation. For example, we do the optimization of purchasing lottery system site, and related site exchange links, we get the weight of the weight, the other is in weight; for example link trading, while one-way links, but with the money, take the income, but also reflects a win-win cooperation. read more

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