November 2017

Bo Yang micro blog marketing software enterprises share micro blog Marketing Tips

What are the micro-blog The last is to develop

know that micro-blog is fire, but what is the specific cause of the fire is not known, now after contact to know micro-blog to great effect of enterprises, and individuals to bring the star. Here I only said that micro-blog, the company I work for is a B2B e-commerce website, the micro-blog effect is certainly representative, like Tmall, B2C business Jingdong, micro-blog marketing has played a huge role, micro-blog users can read the latest information every day in micro-blog’s own love, like a shopping what does the website have timed seckill activities, you can immediately participate in related activities, this is micro-blog’s effectiveness, seize the opportunity is the key to you. read more

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Flow coverage principle eight mantra Unlocking the mystery of traffic sources

coverage rules of GA traffic, estimate doesn’t have many friends; and understand, in the analysis is often easy to ignore. In fact, very early has been done with experiments, and the law, see below:

in the analysis of examples, eight words of the sentence: the most sharply in a number of visits (return), directly from other sources as everyone knows, can not cover! GA cookie is valid for 2 years, that is to say, the user through the referral sources of traffic in the period, even after direct transmission. Enter the website, the GA is still in the "referral traffic". read more

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